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The Making of an American Dream – Part 3


Pictured above – Nancy and John Schuler (center) and their children with spouses and grandchildren

Quality Customer Service


In most conversations, it is obvious that John Schuler is committed to quality customer service.  In fact, he believes that good customer service is one of the main reasons Schuler Shoes is still in business.  Anytime we visit a medical or wellness professional, John asks them to pass along any feedback that they hear from their patients and clients.  He wants not only the good feedback, but makes sure they know to give him the bad as well.  Customer satisfaction and process improvement are a top priority.


John also believes that the Schuler Shoes “sit and fit” business model sets them apart from other shoe stores.  All sales people in the stores are expected to measure the customer’s feet, as a person’s foot size can change up to 3 times throughout their adult life.   I have now learned that most of the time when people visit the stores complaining of sore feet, it is because they are wearing the wrong size shoe.


The Importance of Family and Faith


From working with John over the past months, I have learned that he is a marathon runner, a downhill skier, a pilot, a water skier, an outdoorsman, a throat cancer survivor, he likes to travel, and he has been skydiving.  The list goes on with things that he has conquered and accomplished in life, but when I asked him what I might list that people would find interesting, he talked about his family.  He said, “I have been married to my wife Nancy for 46 years.  We have 4 children and their spouses that are now in the business and 12 grandchildren, 2 of which are just getting into the business”


I think this speaks volumes about what kind of person and businessman John Schuler is today.  He not only takes great pride in his family and his company, but attributes his success to his and his entire family’s faith in God.   He treats his employees like family and would give you the shirt off his back.


So, in honor of our Founder’s Day Sale…here’s to John Schuler and the entire Schuler family (from Vincent to Otto and Marie to Emmet to John and Nancy and all the Schuler kids to come).


Visit any of our Schuler Shoes neighborhood locations through May 23rd and enjoy 15% off select styles during the Schuler Shoes Founder’s Day Sale.

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