Kids & Family

Kids Learn. Feet Grow.

No matter what school looks like for your child this fall, they will still grow! Especially their feet!

As much as we want our kids to stay little forever, they keep growing up. 

Did you know elementary school-age kids will gain about 6 pounds and grow 2 inches in each school year, and, believe it or not, kids’ feet can grow a half size or more every 2 to 4 months?! (Stride Rite) Since our kids were in the classroom last spring, they’ve gotten taller and their feet have grown at least a full size!

At Schuler Shoes, we know feet are important, especially your children’s feet. Their shoes help them take on the world. They help them run fast, help them play all day, help them imagine and explore and do so much more! We’re here to help, because we know if the shoe doesn’t fit, they can’t be their best selves. 

Our fit specialists have the knowledge and expertise to find the right footwear for your child.  At Schuler Shoes we know, “There are a lot of shoes made for kids, but not all of them are good for kids’ feet.” We encourage you to visit any of our stores to make sure your child is fitted with the best footwear for a great school year!

All information from Stride Rite,, and Schuler Shoes.

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