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Happy Father’s Day

Brad is an optometrist in White Bear Lake who loves cycling, lifting weights and long distance running. “I spend 40+ hours a week on my feet in dress shoes, either standing or walking around in my clinic.  Once I get home, I am literally running after our sons who are 3 and 5 years old,” said Brad.

Brad’s wife Emily is a Physician Assistant in a Minneapolis hospital. She also works 40+ hours a week and shares the responsibility of their busy schedules. Emily enjoys running outdoors and HIIT training. A few years back in her early thirties, Emily experienced lower back pain and was favoring one knee. A friend suggested she visit Schuler Shoes.

Emily told our Fit Expert, “I love running in the evening when the temperatures are cooling off slightly.  Anytime I put fashion over function and comfort, I feel it. I want style that will also fit my size 11 feet and is budget friendly.”

As an early Father’s Day gift, Emily took Brad to Schuler Shoes. Brad found dress shoes and insoles for his cabin shoes while Emily could not pass up a pair of clogs on sale. They are now ready to tackle summer and enjoy their on-the-go lifestyle.

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