Our Heritage

Our Legacy: 125 Years Worth of Countless Life Moments

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A snapshot of one of our original shoe stores from the ’50s.


Did you know that by age 50, the average person has walked the equivalent of three laps around the Earth? At Schuler Shoes, we know our feet are something to be treasured and cared for. Those natural wonders do more than sustain almost a million pounds of body weight every day—they carry each and every one of us through our lives.

Our shoes have made their way into delivery rooms, graduation ceremonies, and family reunions. They’ve walked daughters down the aisle, run across the finish line of the Twin Cities Marathon, hastened to T.V. screens to watch the first man land of the moon, marched up the Eiffel Tower, trekked into sacred spaces in the Boundary Waters, hung out car windows on family road trips, and shuffled backwards to hold a child steady for his first steps. They’ve danced, they’ve tiptoed. They’ve walked into the face of fear. They’ve danced a victory dance. Every pair of shoes we’ve ever sold represents countless life moments.

We’ve been with our Twin Cities community, step by step, for 125 years. Think of all the memories we’ve shared! This abundant heritage belongs to our customers, so in August we launched the beginning of a year-long bash. We’re celebrating 125 years of real people helping real people, commemorating past and present generations of families who have lived their lives to the fullest because of proper footwear. Check out a gorgeous graphic of the history you’ve been a part of here.

Our commitment to service and expert footwear knowledge has continued to set us apart for over five generations. If you haven’t visited one of our eight neighborhood locations, let Schuler Shoes introduce you to comfortably stylish footwear that feels as good as it looks.

Here’s to journeying with you every step of the way,

Your friends at Schuler Shoes

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