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Why Our Sit-And-Fit Tradition Will Never Change


  Dan Husom, one of our in-store Board Certified Pedorthists, engages in our “sit-and-fit” philosophy.

At the speed of swipes and clicks, things are changing. Orders arrive on your doorstep the same day, and it’s now possible, with wit and the right online platform, to raise over $70,000 by making a bowl of potato salad. In this high-tech, ever-evolving reality, a dedicated sit-down service is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Luckily, Schuler Shoes believes some customer-service traditions are timeless. For 125 years, we’ve had the same “sit-and-fit” philosophy. That means when a customer comes into the store, our staff sits on a fitting stool, measures the feet, dialogues about the customer’s needs, and helps try on a carefully chosen selection of shoes. The process is personal, time-consuming, and, according to Shelley Lawrence, our Customer Experience Manager, a “lost art”.

“It’s a tradition, a set skill that not only takes a long time to learn since we see so many types of feet, but requires a high level of service. You’re literally taking the shoes on and off and bringing out selections the customer might have never thought of,” say Lawrence. “It’s what sets us apart. You don’t get that kind of service anymore.”

Our “sit-and-fit” service may be one of Schuler Shoe’s main distinctions, but the process is not unique to the company. “A decade ago, most shoe stores engaged in this tradition,” says Jim Dament, our General Manager. “We made an intentional decision to not follow the trend to become a fast, self-service company. We value giving attention to our customers.”

And that enduring value for our customers is why our “sit-and-fit” philosophy will never change. It’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and who we will be. Even if cars do start to fly.


What are some traditions you never want to lose? Traditions you wish you could bring back?

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