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Penny is a walking, talking Google search engine. She knows everything and everyone. When she doesn’t, she makes a point of learning by the next time she sees you. She is curious and caring, so funny and always on trend. As a hairstylist for over 20 years in the SouthWest metro she has a loyal following so is usually booked for solid 8 hour days. She loves what she does and loves the people.


If it is possible that she has touched more hearts than strands of hair, I believe it. As she grows her business, she is also raising a daughter to be independent, creative and curious. When Penny is not with her daughter, she is caring for her aging parents.


A few years ago Penny learned a hard lesson about mobility and dependence when she broke her foot. If she does not work, she does not get paid. Recovering quickly was her goal. After casting and some physio, a podiatrist suggested she check out Dansko at Schuler Shoes to help her stand comfortably for long periods of time. Dansko and Clarks provided Penny the variety and the style she craved plus the true support she needed.


We chose to profile Penny on April 30 for Hairstylist Appreciation Day. These professionals focus their attention on their clients so today we wanted to focus on them. Thank the stylist in your world!

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