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Arthritis and YOU!

Linda has belonged to a neighborhood Book Club for nearly 20 years. These women have met in each other’s living rooms to share the laughs and tears of raising kids and the experience of escaping into each month’s book. One night Linda complained of hip and leg pain. Her friend suggested she visit the Schuler Shoes in Wayzata. Linda knew the Schuler Shoes name but had never been in a store. Linda had been living with Arthritis for years and struggled with foot pain for as long as she could remember.


At Schuler Shoes, the Fit Expert asked Linda how often she exercised to stretch the foot to increase mobility and what type of shoe she wore around the house. He listened and measured her feet for width and length. He presented Linda with footwear for work, a casual pair for Spring and slippers for home.  The right fit made a world of difference. 


Visit a Schuler Shoes location today. Our attentive, knowledgeable Fit Experts and Pedorthists are dedicated to serving you. Share your Schuler Shoes Success Story!


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