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Spring Sport Tips for Kid Athletes


Every Spring, Karin’s kids play baseball, soccer and run track. With three different schedules, multiple teammates who need to share a ride and the weather wild card, she has a lot to think about. Before last year, Karin did not know that foot and ankle surgeons have seen an increase in ankle injuries among young athletes. This year, she is preparing to pay attention to these 4 things:


  • Buy the right shoe for AFTER practice. Different sports require different shoes to maintain athletic performance. When kids are NOT playing that sport, the quality of their shoes and how they fit and support their feet is just as important. 


  • Check old sprains before the new season starts. A medical checkup can reveal whether your child’s previously injured ankle might be vulnerable to sprains. Ankle braces or shoe supports worn during the day or during competition might prevent further injury or damage.


  • Start the season with new shoes. Old shoes or hand me downs are like a car tire and have uneven wear and tear that can topple a kid over, cause a trip or worse ~ cause arch pain.


  • Treat foot and ankle issues right away. Smell for odor, listen for talk of blisters, look for dry patches.

Schuler Shoes is here to measure and fit your child for the best footwear for every season. Let us know how we can help. We hope to see you soon!


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