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Why Compression Socks Are For Everybody



                                                                           Pictured: Adult’s Damask by Sockwell

The Benefits of Compression Socks

It’s true: compression socks aren’t just for diabetics or your elderly relative with varicose veins.  At lower compressions, these wonder socks offer multiple benefits that include:

1.) Reducing lower leg cramping and fatigue often experienced toward the end of the day
2.) Increasing our body’s efficiency during activities through improved blood flow and transportation of oxygen to our lower body
3.) Reducing demand on the lower leg muscles that help with venous transport
4.) Improving body temperature regulation because of increased blood flow
5.) Supporting lymphatic drain to help your body recover post-activity
6.) Preventing swelling by keeping blood from pooling


So whether you stand or walk a lot at work, are amping up your activity, or are an avid runner, compression socks can help elevate your comfort, your physical performance, and speed up recovery time. They’re also great for increasing circulation during pregnancy and keeping swelling down while traveling.  


How Can a Sock Help With All of This?

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                                                        Pictured: Adult’s Circulator Stripe by Sockwell

As blood pumps back to the heart, it works its way up your legs through a series of valves (to prevent back flow against gravity).  To assist in this process, muscles in your lower legs are constantly contracting.  Standing, walking, and running puts stress on these muscles. Socks with compression that’s strongest at the ankle and tapers toward the knee will help promote effective blood flow back to the heart, giving our lower leg muscles a break. As a result, your circulation gets a boost and is able to put more oxygen back where your muscles need it. If you experience lower-leg fatigue, cramping, and aching as the day goes on, compression socks can help keep you feeling your best!


If you’re interested in trying compression socks, come into any of our neighborhood locations and our Fit Experts will help you find the style and level of compression that will suite you and your lifestyle.


Have you ever tried compression socks? 

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