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After working at Schuler Shoes for a few years, I have come to realize that one of things that sets us apart from the competition is that we have Board Certified Pedorthists in our stores. They know feet and they know shoes. One of our in-store Pedorthists, Lance Vidger recently sent me a piece he wrote on choosing running shoes.  It touches on a few important things to know before buying a new pair of shoes. I hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two about your feet!  

 Foot Types and Proper Performance Footwear

by Board Certified Pedorthist Lance Vidger

For those of you new to running there are a few key things you should know about finding the right shoe. New Balance, (as well as other running shoe companies) have one main goal when designing running shoes – to control the amount of arch flex in the shoe. Traditionally the idea is the flatter your foot (your arch), the more the shoe will need to control the flex.

Shoes built for performance are created with styles that are grouped into different levels of cushioning or stability.  When determining what level of cushioning or stability you really need to get to know your feet to determine whether you have any pronation or supination in your feet. Pronation and supination is basically how the foot relates to the ground. You can tell if your foot is prone to one of these types of movements by doing a wet foot print test.  Wet your feet and walk on a dark piece of paper or concrete floor. If your footprint seems more pear shaped chances are you pronate; if it’s more banana shaped, you likely supinate.  This is not an exact science, but it is helpful to know about feet.  It is also great information to share with our shoe fit experts, so they can get you in footwear that is designed specifically for your type of foot.

There are many types of athletic shoes out there that look great and are really popular, but it is highly recommended that you have your feet looked at by a Certified Pedorthist or one of our shoe fit experts to make sure you are buying the proper shoe. Schuler Shoes partners with New Balance because of their excellent selection of supportive, comfortable and performance based shoes that come in a wide range of sizes and widths. Stop in any of our neighborhood locations and visit with one of our Board Certified Pedorthists or shoe fit experts, so we can help you continue successfully down the road to a healthy lifestyle.

LanceVLance Vidger is a Schuler Shoes Board Certified Pedorthist.  Check out our Board Certified Pedorthist schedule for store locations and times.


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