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Great Tips For Daily Foot Care…

A few months ago, I met with one of our partnering clinics Happy Feet Footcare, Inc.  They are a wonderful group of health professionals that really have a wealth of knowledge about foot health.  They shared some great tips on daily foot care and I thought I would pass the tips on to you.

  • Trim your toenails straight across.  Feet should be soaked before trimming nails, so they do not crack or split.
  • Because bare feet are more easily injured, always wear shoes or slippers when walking.
  • Wear well fitting shoes that support your feet and accommodate any orthopedic deformity.  Leather or canvas will allow your feet to breathe.  Have your feet measured every time you purchase shoes.  Always try on shoes before purchasing them.
  • Socks made of natural fiber or natural/synthetic blends are best.
  • Be sure to change your socks every day.
  • To increase blood circulation to the legs and feet, do not cross your legs while sitting.  Exercise your feet and legs by walking as much as you can every day.  Also rotate and pump your ankles when you seated for long periods of time.


Happy Feet Footcare is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as a class A homecare agency. Their providers are all licensed nurses and have been trained specifically in foot care. For more information on Healthy Feet Footcare, Inc. visit their website at

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