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A Good Pair of Shoes is Like a Good Friend

Have you heard about our free in store Board Certified Pedorthist evaluations?  Ever wonder what these evaluations are all about? What do they do?  What do they talk about? Well, our Pedorthists know feet, foot pain, foot issues and they sure do know shoes.  They are a great resource to talk to when you are experiencing foot pain or just have questions about footwear in general.  Dale Wizenread, one of our very knowledgeable Pedorthists, offers his basic recommendations for when he is working with customers.


Here’s a look at what Dale often recommends to his customers…


As a C.ped, after the initial introductions,  what we hear are stories of pain and discomfort from our customers.  If you feel the problems need medical attention, first discuss them with your doctor!


With that being said, my best general advice is “Find Your Next Three Best Friends”.


Friend #1

Friends #1 is your performance shoe. Be it work, walk, exercise, or just active, choose a shoe that cradles the foot and mimics the motion of movement.  A good, quality shoe is an important investment.  It supports your entire foundation.


Friend #2

Friends #2 is adding additional support in your shoe, such as inserts or orthotics.  Additional support often rearranges the load bearing inside that can reduce discomfort by supporting the arch and off loading pressure points.


Bestest Friend #3

Friend #3 is the footwear that is always there for you!  A clog, slipper or sandal to step into first thing in the morning that will reduce floor and ground reaction forces that could damage the tender healing that went on all night long. It is used for standing, and simple chores around the house.  It can be easily slipped off to sit and watch the news, but right there for you when the doorbell rings and you have to stand and listen to your neighbor complain about your dog again or better yet, drop off brownies.  🙂


Dale Wizenread is Board Certified Pedorthist at Schuler Shoes with 30 years of service.  For more information on the Schuler Shoes Board Certified Pedorthist go to

Questions or concerns about foot health?  Check out our Pedorthist schedule at and then stop one of our neighborhood Schuler Shoes locations.


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