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How to Store Your Summer Shoes

This is what NOT to do when it comes to storing your summer shoes.

Piled in the closet? This is what NOT to do when it comes to storing your summer shoes.


Before we know it, a crisp autumn air will meet us at our doors and cozy closed-toe shoes will begin to fill our entryways. Last season’s shoes quickly becomes this season’s clutter, so now’s the time to think about a summer shoe storage plan. Storing shoes seasonally not only keeps the house clean and organized, but gives the peace of mind that come next spring, those favorite pairs won’t be compromised or squished out of shape. Our shoes are an investment (often a costly one) in our personal style and comfort, so it’s important to set them aside with care. Here’s some tips on how to sort and store summer shoes so you’re all ready to go next season:

1. Identify what shoes you need to get rid of. Did any cause you to have blisters or discomfort? Is the shoe broken down enough to compromise support? Are materials beyond repair?

2. Repair and clean shoes worth keeping. If need be, visit a local repair shop. The nooks and crannies of your rubber soles can be scrubbed out with an old toothbrush and some soapy water. Leather can be refreshed and polished with a balm, while other materials such as suede can be cleaned with a soft brush and a neutral cleaner. Cork-based footbeds should receive a fresh coat of Corklife around the outside to keep them from drying out and crumbling, and Velcro can often be revived if you pick out debris. To eliminate summer shoe odor, here are 11 tips.

3. Choose a storage option that works best for your space. Boxes will help keep out dust and bugs, and clear plastics will make it easy to see your shoes when you switch them back next spring. Some options are:

Clear Storage Bins


Handi-Box Snap Case from Rubbermaid

Drop Front Shoe Boxes


Linen Drop Front shoe boxes from the Container Store

Shoe Cabinets


GREVBÄCK shoe cabinet from Ikea

Over-the-door Storage Pockets


Honey-Can-Do over-the-door storage organizer from Target


4. You can add scented sachets to storage to keep odors to a minimum. For shoes that need help retaining their shape, use a shoetree.

5. Recycle or donate the shoes you’ve decided to say goodbye to this season. The local program Shoe Away from Hunger uses donations to clothe and feed families around the state by giving or reselling  gently-used shoes to individuals in need, as well as selling shoes by the pound to be ground and reused in an eco-friendly manner. Schuler Shoes has a Shoe Away from Hunger donation box at every location.

6. Now that you’ve packed up for the season, it’s time to pull out your fall and winter shoes and get them ready. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed.


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