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I Love Schuler Shoes

I love when people ask me where I work.  Almost always, the response warms my heart.  People love Schuler Shoes!  I love Schuler Shoes!

I love to hear stories of our customers’ connection to Schuler Shoes.  They talk about a favorite brand, a favorite store location and many times a favorite sales person.  They share stories of their childhood and coming to our store for new school shoes each year.

They share stories of changes in lifestyle for an aging parent and how a salesperson took extra time to get their Mom or Dad in the right kind of shoes, so they no longer fall.  I meet people that are new to shopping with us, and others that have been shopping with us for over 50, even 60 years or more.


There is such a deep loyalty from our customers that it might make a person wonder what keeps them coming back? Is it the shoes?  It might be.  We do carry quality shoes that are good for your feet and body.  Is it the prices?  Could be.  We offer competitive pricing, along with an occasional sale, but again so do other stores.  Could it be excellence in customer service?  Yes, I would say that it is the customer service.


Long before I ever started working at Schuler Shoes, I had heard about the customer service.   I had moved here from out of town and wasn’t familiar with Schuler Shoes.  I joined a local Mom’s group and constantly heard about Schuler Shoes, the Pedorthists, the sales staff and a fabulous brand of shoes called Danskos.  A few Danskos later, a few kids later and a few years later, I started working for Schuler Shoes.


I can honestly say that everything that I had heard was correct.  From working behind the scenes in the home office, I can also say that the friendliness you see at the store is a true representation of the entire company.  The Schulers and the people that they employ are some of the kindest people that I have ever known.


With that being said, Schuler Shoes is also blessed with having kind customers and we are grateful that they choose to visit us.  The fact that they take the time to share their stories means a great deal to us.  The history that they have built with us and continue to build is what makes Schuler Shoes a success.


So, it is with a true sense of pride that I congratulate John Schuler and the entire Schuler family and family of employees on 123 years of being in business.  123 years!!  That is a whole lot of shoes and a whole lot of customers.  Here’s to another 123 years!


If you have a Schuler Shoes story that is close to your heart, share it with us.  We would love to hear from you.



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