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Old Man Winter

For living in Minnesota, I am not much of a winter lady. In fact, I spend most of the winter dreaming about the warm weather to come. My heart truly belongs to the summer. But, I live in Minnesota…which means a whole lot of winter, so I try and welcome Old Man Winter as much as I can and find the good in what he and Mother Nature have to offer. I love the first few snowfalls. Oh, so pretty. I love building a good snowman with my kids. And, truthfully, I do LOVE to run outside in the winter. When there is no wind and the sun is shining, it feels absolutely wonderful.

I know that many people really enjoy the change of seasons and love everything that winter has to offer. They love the cozy sweaters, cute boots, hot chocolate, a warm fire (ok…I do love those things), downhill skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and well, just playing in the snow (my children). But, this winter is so different for most due to the extreme cold that we are experiencing. Even those that LOVE winter aren’t really getting a chance to get out there and enjoy it up because of the dangerously low temperatures. I am not quite sure what a solar vortex is, but it sure sounds better to me than the polar version (kidding).

So, with all that being said, temperatures are on the rise in Minneapolis. Yesterday, the temperature reached 28 degrees and I am telling you what, it felt like spring had sprung. The sun was shining and people were happy. Today, we will reach a high of 27 and I am pretty sure my kids will think that they should wear shorts to school. HA! Just as I was writing this, my son told me that it is 21 degrees and then asked me if he had to wear a coat today or if a sweatshirt would be warm enough.

I know that it is only February, but I think this little heat wave is just what we needed. And, when all else fails and it gets cold again, at least we have our sense of humor…and cute boots. BUT, if you are one of the lucky ones and are planning a warm weather trip or just dreaming of one and know that trying on cute sandals will warm your soul, get ON IN HERE! Our Travel Event is happening now. You can try on all the sandals you want and dream of your toes in the sand and the sun on your face. We will even give you a cute little luggage tag (while supplies last 🙂 of course) with any sandal purchase. Enjoy the warm weather. Aloha!


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