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Walks of Life

Day in and day out, we encounter all kinds of people from all walks of life. Every once in a while, we meet a person that surprises and inspires us with their upbeat attitude, positive words and hard work.

Does someone come to mind that makes a difference in your life or the lives of others? Wouldn’t it be great to reward those kind souls? Just something that lets them know that we notice their hard work and kindness and that we see that they are making a difference in this world.

I know that I do. Every once in a while, I stop by the drive thru of a local restaurant and treat myself to a delicious fountain drink. I pull up, order my favorite drink and then pull ahead to the window to pay. Every time I drive through, I know who will greet me. He doesn’t remember me, because I don’t stop by every often, but I sure remember him and I look forward to what I know he will say. I pull up to the window, he greets me and tells me what I owe for my drink and when he is taking my money, I ask him how he is doing. Every single time I ask, no matter what, he says “Thank you for asking. I am grateful and thankful”. And you know what, it makes my day. Just knowing that this kind man is working hard, on his feet all day and he is always thankful and grateful. I think I like hearing it because it reminds me to be thankful and grateful myself.

Do you know someone that is on their feet all day long, working or volunteering that sticks out in your mind as someone that is making a difference. If so, I have very fun news. Twin Cities Live is hosting the Schuler Shoes Walks of Life contest each month during 2014. Nominate your hardworking, making a difference, goes above and beyond individual for their chance to be featured on a Twin Cities Live segment. One winner will be selected on the last Monday of each month. In addition to being featured on a Twin Cities Live segment, each winner will also receive a free pair of shoes from Schuler Shoes. For more information, rules and to enter your nomination, click here – Personally, I know someone that would be grateful and thankful to be nominated. 🙂

Meet our first “Walks of Life” story from January 2014 – Johnny Jackson from the Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District

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