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Why are good walking shoes important?


Lately, Minnesotans have been taking advantage of warmer weather by taking walks to enjoy the fresh air and get out of the house during this time at  home. With the rise of walking, it’s important to have good walking shoes to support your feet and the rest of your body. 


Walking shoes fulfill different needs than running shoes.

Because the two activities are different, it is important to have shoes that support them. Walking shoes are designed with body mechanics and strike paths in mind. The support system is created to support arches and where the greatest impact occurs to your feet. Walking shoes are also more flexible to give you a greater range of motion during your walk.

A good pair of walking shoes prevents blisters and calluses. 

It’s important that your walking shoes fit well so that they can keep your feet in good health. By preventing blisters and calluses, you’ll be able to keep walking as a consistent activity.

Walking shoes allow you to walk smoothly.

Running shoes are meant for an activity that creates more sweat and need to be a little bit more bulky to protect your feet. Walking shoes give you a smooth walk because they are less bulky and more lightweight. They are made with the mechanics in mind, supporting your feet specifically for walking. 

Come visit us at your neighborhood store to be fitted with the best pair of walking shoes for you. Book an appointment online or just walk in, we’d love to fit your feet! You can also check out this post to shop some of our favorite women’s styles online.


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