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Celebrating Dad for Over 125 Years


This past week a young family walked into our Maple Grove store to buy their two-year-old daughter a pair of Keens. Pigtails wispy and uneven, the girl toddled straight to the kids’ section and started filling her grubby hands with shoes like they were Goldfish crackers. Mostly pink and purple options, of course. 

I watched her father bend down to pick up her trail of footwear zeal, his head slowly shaking from side-to-side the way you would expect from a frustrated or disappointed parent. But this man clearly wasn’t either.

This man was in awe, eyes bright and beaming as he watched his daughter rocketeer herself around the store. He looked at her with a daddy’s pride, like he was witnessing something extraordinary– a butterfly wiggling her way out of a cocoon, his little girl growing into her own person.  Still bent down, he caught her arm and gently wiped her nose with a Kleenex, chuckling, “Well, at least now we know what her fetish is going to be.”

Dads and their families have been walking through our doors at Schuler Shoes for over 125 years–twenty years longer than Father’s Day has been celebrated in the U.S.! Since our first store opened in Minneapolis in 1889, generations have become a part of the Schuler family, trusting our outstanding service and quality shoes. From two-year-olds toddling in their first pair of Keens to Great-Grandfathers comfortably walking in their New Balances and orthotics, we are blessed to be part of the fabric of your family. To help honor the fathers in your life and give your special guy comfort and style this summer season, we are offering 10-15 percent off on men’s sandals until June 15! To find the deals, visit our Shop Good and Shop Better web pages.

Happy Father’s Day from our family to yours!


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