What is it About Smartwool Socks?

Do you have a lucky pair of socks that you wear to baseball games or bingo?  Do you have a favorite brand of socks?  Have you heard of Smartwool socks? I have become very familiar with Smartwool from working at Schuler Shoes.  These are extremely comfortable socks that our customers really seem to love.  People that know about Smartwool socks are CRAZY about them.  They are hooked on them, passionate about them and loyal to these socks…year round.

Why do people love them so much?  I called up our Board Certified Pedorthist Dale Winzenread and asked him to share some insight on what might make these socks so popular.  Dale explained that feet perspire, even in the winter.  When your feet perspire and it is cold outside, your feet get cold.  Smartwool socks wick the moisture away from your feet, keeping your feet at a constant temperature.  Because these socks keep your feet at a constant temperature (not too hot, not too cold), people enjoy wearing them all year round (yes, even in the summer).  Wool socks offer an air exchange that cotton does not.  Cotton traps moisture creating bacteria, which leads to wet, stinky feet and shoes.  I know, when you think of wool, you think scratchy, right?  Well, Dale explains that Smartwool socks are made of fine Merino wool that is very soft, not itchy and scratchy.


I love working with our Pedorthists and Sales staff.  They know their stuff and they are always so good about sharing their product knowledge with others.  But, putting all of the technical information aside, I love Smartwool socks because they are extremely comfortable and most importantly (to me) come in really fun styles and colors.


So, check them out online now or stop by one of our locations and see what you think.


Smartwool Set


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