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5 Cleaning Methods to Refresh Your Boots

We know midwest winters can do quite a number on your boots!

From removing salt stains to freshening up dull & dirty suede, here are some of our favorite ways to keep boots looking flawless all winter long.



1. For leather, faux leather, and winter boots, a damp or wet cloth will remove most dirt and debris. Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water for salt stains.

 2. Remove scuffs by dipping a soft cloth in water then baking soda. Rub gently until scuff fades away.

3. For suede boots, stay away from water as it can be damaging. Instead, rub off caked-on dirt gently with a kneaded eraser or emery board. Refresh the texture with a toothbrush or terry cloth towel.

4. Keep a pack of Boot Rescue wipes in your car or purse. These magical wipes will clean just about anything off your boots in a pinch. They are safe to use on suede, too!


5. Pro Tip: To prevent water or salt damage from occuring in the first place, use a protective spray on clean, dry boots.


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