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Happy Anniversary Schuler Shoes

Last Thursday, the employees of Schuler Shoes helped owner John Schuler celebrate 50 years of being in the shoe business.  A surprise was planned for after one of our meetings…and boy, was John surprised.  He was presented with gifts, and a cake that was topped with a big shoe (photo below) and many kind words from his employees.  I really mean that.  The employees of Schuler Shoes were asked to think of words that best describe John Schuler and a gift was designed using those very words.  Beautiful words like “kind, caring, faithful, compassionate, generous, honest, genuine” and many, many more.

This fall, we also celebrate the 124th anniversary of Schuler Shoes (the oldest family owned shoe store this side of the Mississippi).  Back in 1889, Vincent Schuler opened the very first location in downtown Minneapolis. Today, 124 years later, we know that those years have been filled with family, friends, amazing customers, store openings, relocations, new generations, new challenges and heart warming successes.

I often hear feedback from our customers (friends and new people that I meet) that love not only the shoes, but the wonderful customer service at our stores.  Many people have a favorite sales person that they look forward to seeing when they come into the store.  I truly believe that this level of customer service all starts at the top with John Schuler and the words we feel describe him.  John’s commitment, respect and dedication to his employees and customers is felt by all of us and this attitude shines through at our stores.

While we do take great pride in our customer service, we are also very aware that behind every great salesperson is a great customer. Many of our customers became customers when they were kids and now bring in their own kids and even their grandkids to shoe shop with us.  We have been truly blessed with some of the best customers on earth that continue to visit us.  So, as we celebrate, know that we are celebrating with all of you.

Congratulations to John and Schuler Shoes and a big thank you to our wonderful customers.


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