Comfort in Your Own Style this Fall

As the weather turns a bit cooler and the color of the leaves start to change, so does the look of our wardrobe.  We go from shorts, tees, swimsuits and cover-ups to sweaters, jeans, cute coats, closed toe shoes and boots.  

We all tend to gravitate toward a certain style. A look that becomes our very own and that becomes us.  A style that we are comfortable with, whether it be knee high boots and skirts, funky jewelry or yoga pants and hoodies.  What is your favorite look?  Do you have a favorite pair of jeans or a fabulous new sweater for the fall?  I thought it would be fun to pull together some shoes from our fall collections and match them up with different looks for the season.  I hope you have fun looking at the outfits.  It is always fun to play dress up – even if it is virtual. 

Enjoy the weekend and cheers to fall and fun clothes and fun shoes and to always remembering that in the end, the best part of what you’ve got on is your smile. 😉

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