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Christine Catlin

Schuler Shoes and New Balance Twin Cities recently sponsored runner Christine Catlin in the Minnetonka Half Marathon.  Christine took first place in her age category (under 19).  We took some time with this exceptional athlete to ask her a few questions about how she got her start in running.  


Christine Catlin in her New Balance running shoes.

At what age did you start running and what made you realize that you wanted to be a runner?


I began running in Elementary School Track, but I didn’t really start long distance until middle school cross-country. The turning point for me (where I realized I wanted to run more seriously) was joining High School cross-country– the coach and team was so supportive, like a family. I realized running was a great stress reliever, a way to socialize, and you got to explore new places.


As a runner myself, I am always looking for new routes.  Do you have a favorite running route in the Twin Cities?


Yes! I absolutely love going around the lakes in Minneapolis (Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles, etc.) They are beautiful, and you can do just about any distance run depending on how many lakes you go around. I also love how so many other people are out running at the same time– it kind of gives a “team spirit”.


What advice do you have for pre-teens and teens that are new to running?


I’d say to start off you should find a good pair of shoes (hem, hem… New Balance). You need the correct foot support to keep from having injuries and pain in your knees or arches.


Other than that, I’d advise teens to find a group, team, or running buddy. It’s great to have somebody to talk to while you’re going, and they’re great motivators. Look online and you can find running groups that are open to all ages. Otherwise, find a parent or sibling to bike alongside you (I do this with my dad a lot).


What are some of the qualities you like in New Balance shoes?  🙂


I’d say the arch support on New Balance shoes is one feature that I find truly unique. When running in New Balance shoes I never get sore, nor do I ever feel like the shoes are “heavy”.  Just recently I got a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes, which I absolutely love. Not only are the color options great – they feel so light and fast!  In addition, I love how New Balance is the only shoe brand I can find that makes good shoelaces…they actually stay tied! I love them!


Congratulations Christine on a great run!  We are excited to hear about your next great adventure with The Paris Marathon!  Good luck!

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