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Firefighters are Everyday Heroes

Firefighters are everyday heroes. Meet Jason, a local firefighter who climbs the rigs, runs into danger and stands up for a safer community. When called, firefighters suit up and add 100+ pounds of equipment that puts pressure on their legs, ankles and foot arches. The State issued high quality work boots are VERY uncomfortable. There was a time when Jason did not know Schuler Shoes had the variety and styles he needed. He is so thankful a colleague told him to check us out.

In Jason’s “spare time” he is a commercial airline pilot who logs 100 hours a month. His pilot uniform requires dress shoes with good breathability and proper fit because altitude effects the body. He has limited down time, so when his feet feel like they are “on fire” or he needs a shoe update, Jason is confident that Schuler Shoes can help. He is always in awe of the service, quality and style selection.


We chose to profile Jason this week during National Emergency Medical Services week (May 19-25, 2019) which recognizes firefighters, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, first responders and police. These professions pivot on a moment’s notice and focus their attention on coming to your rescue. Thank the everyday heroes in your life! Do they also have a Schuler Shoes success story? Let us know the male or female hero in your life that we should profile next.

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