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Sarah just spent an entire year planning a destination wedding that was magical! Since her return she also turned 30 and has been working, volunteering, traveling and connecting with friends and family who shared in her happiest day on the planet. 

Sarah works 50 hours a week in sales and is an active runner who mixes in yoga, spin classes and dog walking. She is in different footwear for different reasons. Heels for work, sneakers for workouts, sandals for zen moments. Sarah will be the first to admit that she has not always invested in the best dress shoes or the best runners over the years. She knows the varied heel heights and lack of support have given her bruises, blisters, arch pain and leg cramps. She has even had plantar fasciitis return and flare a few times since January.

Sarah told Schuler Shoes, “I am sore daily. I need to find relief. I have business travel coming up so I really need to figure this out. I have invested so much time in training for a half marathon that I don’t want to lose momentum or miss the experience of racing with my friends. Can you help?”

Our Schuler Shoes Fit Expert pulled out work heels with cushion, high tech New Balance for running and
slippers that would aid recovery during downtime. In less than 60 minutes, Sarah felt confident she had the right fit for every hour of her day. She invested the time to visit her neighborhood Schuler Shoes so she could get work day ready and meet her fitness goals for 2019. 

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