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To Flip Flop or Not to Flip Flop

Paige was the star tennis player at her high school. She wore trendy shoes to school, great tennis shoes on the court and spent down time in flip flops after games. One weekend on a trip to the cabin she realized she only had flip flops for 3 days of activity. She didn’t give it a second thought and ran to the dock to jump in the lake.



On Saturday morning, Paige woke with lower back pain blaming it on the single bed she slept on. She went stand up paddle boarding with her sister, played Frisbee with her brother and walked the dog for her mom. By Saturday night, Paige was complaining of heel pain too. 


Everything in moderation. Just like salt on your french fries, a little does the trick and too much ruins it! Flip flops should only be worn for short periods of time in the gym locker room or at the community pool. Let our Fit Experts match your summer activities to the best footwear solutions for you.

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