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How Yoga Strengthens the Body from Head to Toe


September is National Yoga Month and Schuler Shoes is Celebrating Yoga to the Core with a shoe giveaway and the gift of yoga.  We are pleased to once again have Karen McGrath of CorePower Yoga guest blog this week and help us with a few tips on getting started in yoga.  THANK YOU KAREN AND THANK YOU COREPOWER YOGA!

From Guest Blogger Karen McGrath…

Ever heard someone describe yoga as “just stretching” or have you been guilty of thinking that yourself?  Maybe you aren’t quite sure what this whole “meditation” concept is about.  Don’t worry –you are not alone.

There are many misconceptions about what the practice of yoga actually entails, and how effective it is when used for physical fitness purposes.  Although there is a lot of attention paid to how yoga can quiet the mind, promote relaxation, and reduce mental stress, the physical benefits of yoga can be more than attractive to those looking to strengthen not only their mind, but their body as well.  Unlike many activities and sports throughout our lifetime, the practice of yoga is more about “staying in a pose” than racing to a finish line.  The static postures and barefoot practice not only condition your mind to focus, but also strengthen your body from head to toe.



Starting from the ground up

Our feet are our foundation and our connection to the earth.  A firm connection with the earth helps to keep us grounded, which in turn helps to balance the whole body.  Yoga can be an incredible way to strengthen feet – by practicing movement while barefoot, the foot muscles are strengthened and healthy arches in the feet are promoted.  While supportive shoes are an important asset for protection, be sure your feet get some barefoot action through yoga or walking without shoes throughout the day to promote strength. 



Moving up the body

By holding postures for extended periods of time and moving through various bends and twists, yoga can improve strength in many areas of the physical body- the respiratory system, nervous system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system. While practicing yoga, your blood is pumping, your heart rate is up, and your muscles are working overtime to support a posture that may be new in your body.  Additionally, in a heated class (like we offer at Corepower Yoga), the element of warmth helps to relax your muscles and pave the way for a more effective workout with more calories burned.



Finishing at the top

As mentioned previously, yoga can be an extremely effective tool for quieting the everyday “chatter” in your mind.  By fully focusing on the pose at hand, yoga can help you to escape the endless “to-do lists” and worries life presents you with.  Your yoga practice is your time to do something special for yourself and to spend time listening to what your body is telling you and asking for.  By practicing yoga, you are not only honoring your own body, but honoring those around you. For by taking time for self-care, you are presenting others with your best self.




In Light,

Karen McGrath


karen headshotKaren McGrath is a Studio Assistant at CorePower Yoga in Minnetonka, MN.  CorePower Yoga is a national chain of yoga studios that offer a truly unique yoga experience that’s accessible to everybody.  Core Power Yoga classes will have you moving, breathing, sweating, and above all HAVING FUN!  Visit to view the class schedules of all of our studios and find one near you!



September is National Yoga month.  So, in support of a wonderful way of life, Schuler Shoes is hosting an online event called “Celebrate Yoga to the Core“.  We are proud to be giving away shoes that support your body and keep your feet healthy before and after your yoga workouts.  Along with our shoe giveaway, we have teamed up with CorePower Yoga, who will be giving away (1) month of free unlimited yoga ($169 value) to each winner.

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