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Simple Tips for Starting a Successful Workout Routine


Like many, I have gone into the new year looking for ways to get fit and stay healthy.  I recently attended a fitness bootcamp with Certified Personal Trainer Josh Hutton at Be Fit in Maple Grove, MN.  Josh offered a tough workout, but more importantly had us focus on how to do exercises correctly to avoid injury.  I have been to classes before that focus more on intensity and often forget about form.  I found Josh’s approach very refreshing.  Josh is also passionate about proper footwear during exercise.  I invited Josh to share his expertise and advice on how to stick with a fitness program throughout the year to successfully reach goals.  Here are Josh’s top 7 tips…

1. Set a goal
Make this goal attainable and realistic. Don’t say you want to lose 50 lbs.  Start with “I want to lose 5 lbs this month.” Goals need to be specific and realistic.

2. Make A Commitment To That Goal
If your goal is making it to the gym 4 times per week, make that happen. The only way to fail this goal is by not making it. Plan it out, schedule your time ahead, and stick to it.  If you happen to not make it on a day you planned, go the next day.  Don’t just give up for the week.

3. Join A Class
Getting into a program whether it’s with a personal training or group fitness, will help make your fitness goals happen. This will help by holding you accountable for attending, as well as motivating you towards achieving your goals. A personal trainer can help evaluate your fitness goals to get you moving in the path towards your success!

4. Measure Your Fitness
Find a trainer. Nine out of ten times they will give you a free assessment that can show you what your fitness levels are. This will involve an assessment of body composition, weight, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. From there you can use this information to see how you are progressing.

5. Start Light
Rome wasn’t built in a day! Don’t run 10 miles your first day at the gym. Your body will be going through many changes physically. Gradually increase time, duration and load. This will help you avoid injury, and increase a positive attitude towards fitness.

6. Reward Yourself When You Reach Goals
If you have been avoiding certain foods or drinks, indulge every once in awhile. You don’t need to completely eliminate these things you enjoy. It’s all about moderation. Once you reach where you want to be, you can find that balance!


7. Invest In Proper Footwear

This factor is overlooked by many people and learned the hard way. You need a suitable pair of shoes that will help protect and support the activity you participate in. Go to a store that has quality shoes and employees that can help direct you into a pair of shoes that will help continue your new activity or goal! Make sure that they are right for you and your goals!

Josh Hutton is a Certified Personal Trainer.  He graduated from The University of Concordia in St Paul with a B.A. in Kinesiology.  He became certified as a personal trainer through NSCA and works with a wide array of clients at all fitness levels.  For more information on Be-Fit and Josh Hutton, visit the Be Fit website at

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