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Does it Break Your Heart to Be on Your Feet All Day?


Are you on your feet ALL DAY LONG?  At the end of the day are your feet, legs, back and even neck achy and sore?  Let me ask you this, do you invest your money in good, quality shoes? If so, that is great, because you deserve quality shoes that support your whole body.  Everybody does.  But, do you also invest your time in good, quality shoes?

We all know that quality shoes aren’t cheap, right?  So, we spend our money on good shoes.  Well, it shouldn’t end there.  Make sure to invest TIME in finding shoes that fit YOUR VERY SPECIAL feet.  It honestly will make all the difference in the world.


Look at your feet.  Do you have wide feet?  Narrow feet?  Do you have bunions?  Well, the next time you are going to buy shoes, make sure to come in to a Schuler Shoes location.  We are a “sit and fit” model shoe store.  So, that means that you sit and we fit.  We have Shoe Fit experts that will measure your feet.  You would be shocked to find out how many of our customers feet hurt only to find out they have been wearing the wrong size shoe…for years.  We also have CPEDs on staff at our store locations (CPED schedule).  They will sit down and really look at your feet.  They will discuss your feet and figure out the best shoes for the shape of your foot, any issues you may have and take into consideration your lifestyle and activity level.


Some of our very best customers are nurses, doctors, teachers and hairstylists.  People that spend all day on their feet.  In fact, a teacher of 20 years recently shared with us that she bought shoes from Schuler Shoes and for the first time in a long time, she is pain free while being on her feet all day (and she wishes she would have invested in these shoes years ago).


Obviously, it isn’t as easy as that every time.  Sometimes we have foot and leg issues that go beyond a good pair of shoes.  But, we are a good place to start when your doctor or friend suggests that you need to get a good pair of shoes.  Want to know the best part?  The best part is that shoes have evolved.  We have REALLY cute shoes that are also good for your feet.  As we like to say ” we will fit your feet in comfort and style”.


Come in and visit us.  We will help you fall in love with your feet all over again.  Ok, maybe you were never “in love” with your feet in the first place.  But, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we do have some pretty cute shoes that you might fall head over heels in love with.

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