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National Nurses Week

Angie is a Pediatric Nurse in a hospital which means she works 8-14 hour days walking, kneeling, carrying supplies and playing with patients. She can easily log 10,000 steps on work days and then goes home to care for her own family. 


Angie told us, “I work…a lot. And Dansko has provided the best fit for me for years. I have a high arch which always seems to make shoe buying difficult.”


A few summers ago, Angie woke to pain in the balls of her feet. Some mornings the pain was so bad she limped to the shower. She visited with a Fit Expert at the Schuler Shoes in Woodbury and when she slipped into a pair of Vionics she instantly knew they were a game changer for her busy summer schedule. When Angie is at work, volunteering or running after her kids, she wants to step into comfortable and supportive shoes. 


We chose to profile Angie during National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2019). Nurses serve the public in a wide range of work settings and vital roles in health care. Thank the Nurses who stepped up for you! 

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