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Kick Off Your Socks…It’s Summer!

Nothing says summer like the freedom to not wear socks.  The first few days of nice weather are so liberating (especially in Minnesota) when you can slip on a pair of sandals and head out the door.  No bending.  No lacing.  No freezing toes.  Just the sweet freedom your feet have been longing for all winter.

The warm weather, no socks and all kinds of cute sandals…I love everything about summer.

I also love, love, love flip-flops.  When I was younger, I would buy whatever cheap flip-flop I could get my hands on.  If they were cute, I bought them.  If they were cheap, I bought them.  Every summer I would pick up several pair of flip-flops from just about anywhere and those would be my “go to” shoes for the season.

It’s a great look.  A nice laid back style…big in Hollywood.  And recently, I have even noticed flip-flops paired up with prom dresses.  My Mom would have never let me out of the house wearing flip-flops with my prom dress.  Personally, I think it’s a fun look.

The sad news is that while we love the flip-flop look, they are really hard on our feet and body.  In fact our Board Certified Pedorthists Steve LaFond reminded me that “flip flop shoes offer very little toe and foot protection and are at the root of over 100 ER visits weekly.”

The good news is that you can still have that same flip-flop look and lifestyle, but in sandals that are actually good for your feet.  Guess where you can get them?  Yep, that’s right, Schuler Shoes.  We carry a wide range of sandals that offer the flip-flop look with plenty of support to keep your feet and back healthy all summer long. 

My personal favorite is the Chaco Flip.  It isn’t as flat and thin as the old flip-flop, but it has the thong style and I can wear them around all day and my feet and back feel fantastic.  Birkenstock has a few new styles that offer a slimmer design in a thong style, but still give you the same great support.  We also carry Orthaheel, which offers a great look and really takes care of your feet and back.  The best news…we are currently having our Semi-Annual Clearance sale and select brands and styles are 30-50% off.

So, don’t compromise your feet or your style.  Kick off those socks and find your perfect pair of sandals today.  Let’s celebrate summer!

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