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Making Music Memories in Monticello


In 2018, Schuler Shoes and Rockport awarded  $500 grants to nine teachers in Minnesota. We are starting to receive reports of how those grants were used and the impact it is having on students, classrooms and communities. Celebrate these amazing teachers with us:


Dear Schuler Shoes,
I would like to thank you and Rockport for funding our new xylophones at Little Mountain Elementary. The kids have had an amazing time with them and they are learning so much.


I think their favorite part is that they get to use their very own instrument and do not have to share. I also believe that the younger students are just happy that the instruments are easier for them to play because of their size. When we have to put the instruments away at the end of a class, all of the students are very disappointed. I truly believe they could play them for hours on end.



We feel very fortunate that your generous grant strengthened our music department and made this purchase possible. I try to instill in all the kids that music is such an important aspect in one’s life; not only does it help with learning, but also encourages individuals to have stronger self-esteem and confidence. This is something that is so important in a child’s life.


We are beyond grateful and we thank you for your generosity,

Amanda, Music Specialist
Little Mountain Elementary

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