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New Balance Foot Analysis in Select Stores

Experience a FREE Foot Analysis. In less than 4 minutes I learned my true shoe size, foot type and arch health. This information will help me select the best shoes for my feet and activities.

  • To start, look for the New Balance section in the Highland Park or Maple Grove Schuler Shoes.
  • The screen will give you prompts or a Fit Expert can help you.
  • In bare feet, step onto the platform.
  • Place your heels to touch the back green line to measure foot length

  • Turn around and place your toes on that same green line to measure foot type and pronation.

  • In that same position, curl your toes to measure arch height and health.

The screen then displays a report that you have the option to read on the screen or email to yourself. We hope this analysis helps you take action to prevent injuries, improve daily foot comfort and increase enjoyment of daily activities or sports.

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