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Being Thankful – An Open Letter to My Shoes

Dear Shoes,
Thank you for supporting me on all of my adventures this year. My feet (and body) could not have done it without you. You are amazing…especially you…the ones with the wonderful footbeds and arch support. My Plantar Fasciitis STILL flares up from time to time and without you, my days and nights would be painful.

To my running shoes specifically… you are awesome. I thank you. My husband thanks you and my children thank you. Without you, I would not be able to run. Well, I could, but it would hurt after a while. Running keeps me sane. So, again, my family thanks you, running shoes.

Boots…you add new life to my wardrobe each fall and winter.  Thank you boots, thank you.

Sandals, I am sorry that I have been so cold lately.  It is not you, it is me.  Actually, it is the weather.  I really am cold, so I have switched to close toe shoes and boots.  I miss you, but I will see you next spring.  Maybe we can go on vacation this winter.  I’ll keep my eye on flights.

Shoes, boots and sandals, you have and will continue to support me in all that I do…and I appreciate that.  You are my rock.  My foundation.  You protect me (well, you protect my toes and feet anyway).   So, here’s to you, fantastic footwear…thank you and keep up the great work.  I count on you.  I truly can’t imagine going anywhere without you (especially with that no shoes, no shirt, no service rule).  Thank you.

**In this season of giving thanks for what we have and helping those in need, please stop by any of our store locations and drop off shoe donations to support Soles4Souls.

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