Colorful Confidence: Top 3 Reasons Why Bold Sandals are the Best Addition to your Wardrobe


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3. They Brighten your entire outfit, becoming not only a shoe, but also an accessory.   

Let’s face it, yes the summer is full of color, but whether it be work, errand running, appointments, or the outdoors, our day to day activities tend to keep us from dedicating time to choosing well thought out attire. When it comes to work, there are usually three options no matter what time of the year it is. Business Attire, Dress Casual, or a Uniform. None of these typically contribute to the fashion movement of summer colors. Outside of work I’m willing to bet you spend the rest of your day in your comfy favorites, and believe me that is perfectly fine (I am only saying this because when I come home from work I alternate between my 3 favorite sweatpants). Here’s the deal. You don’t need to over-accessorize to compensate for your wardrobe’s lack of summer enthusiasm. Instead, just buy a colorful sandal. Work, Errands, Play, we have colorful sandals that are appropriate for all occasions and everyday life. Yes, it’s really that easy.

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Errands: Between the toe or no? Either way you have a choice! Work: Thin or thick, we really love straps. Play: Play outdoors or Play out on the town; you decide

2. Wearing Sandals Lets Your Feet Breath, and the Color is An Added Bonus in the Summer.

Cramming your feet into heels for work, ballet flats for casual attire, or tennis shoes for errand running are three mistakes your do not want to make this summer. Your feet need to breath. Covering them up when the weather is warm is like providing your feet as a breading ground for fungus, smell, and itch. When it’s hot, give your feet the break they deserve. Let them free and do it with Confident Color


1. Color makes People Happy, Literally!

Being in a colorful and bright environment is actually scientifically proven to effect your mood in a positive way. So, even if you don’t look down at your feet while you have your bright sandals on, someone else is bound too. It just may be that you and your shoes are brightening someone else’s day in more ways than one!

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