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It’s not as easy as it seems being a guest at a wedding. Yes, for the most part all you need to do is show up, bring your gift, show support, and show respect. But if we are being honest here, the Bridal Party has the easier job as far as attire goes. They have known what they will be wearing for months-and even better; they didn’t have to pick it out. The Bride herself most likely did, meaning their clothing has her taste and “stamp of approval” all over it. So where does that leave you? Probably somewhere between “Uh.. Can I really get away with wearing this?” and “I need to go shopping for this wedding.” So, as you attempt to figure out where you are on that spectrum, use these outfits as a starting point. And even better, pair them with these awesome shoes.

Countryside Wedding

FiScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.24.55 PMrst of all, have you been to an outdoor Country wedding before? Whether you have or have not, three words: Heels In Grass. Go ahead and wear a stiletto, but when you sink into the grass like a white tent peg, don’t blame us. The Samoa 5518 by Pikolinos is a compromise, not for style, but for comfort. Looks wise its perfect. Ankle strap, laser cuts, baby blue and tan accents, but the real benefit is in the heel. The heel itself is thick enough to prevent that awkward grass-sinking wobble that all the other ladies will be enduring. So, you get the classic style of a heel, but the feel of a comfort shoe. Pair with a soft clutch, an array of pearls, and a Baby Blue Eyelet dress and you’re ready to celebrate a wedding outdoors.



Beach Wedding

Correct Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.58.22 PMus if we’re wrong, but is it not true that the keys to the gates of heaven are gold? Because rumor has it everything else is white. Okay, maybe a bit of an over-exaggeration but seriously, you have to wear this metallic gold sandal to a Beach Wedding and here is why; Odds are if you are attending a beach wedding, your attire is going to be more whimsical and beach casual (hint, Beach). In order to contrast that, a Metallic Sandal is a must. Metallic Gold is a timeless accent to any color, especially the beachier ones like pink, teal, orange and yellow. Secondly, don’t try to wear anything other than a sandal, please, really. Sand was not made for you and your heels. Pair this Relaxology Illana by Tommy Bahama with a Floral print Maxi Dress, some matching bangles, and a beachy clutch and you will fit right in.



Black Tie Wedding

A Black Tie Wedding invite is intiScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.00.15 PMmidating on a whole different level. Immediatley upon receiving the dress code some women immediately channel their inner Scarlett O’hara and assume they’ll need to either drop a pretty decent amount of money on a formal gown, or make one from a curtain. Think before you buy (or chop up your household decorations). The first thing you are going to need is a lengthy black pencil skirt. You might end up spending a little extra, but guess what? You can wear it again. We promise that there will be another eventin your life that requires you wearing a Black Pencil skirt, it’s a given. The Florine Senna by Clarks are going to be your perfect shoe for the evening. A Patent Leather peep-toe pump is timeless and dressy, also re-wearable. Add any blouse to your bottom half’s attire, we chose this blush peblum with lace accent to brighten things up but keep a dressier undertone, a solid black clutch and earrings of your choosing. Now you’re a modern Scarlett O’hara minus the curtain and the broken bank.

Black TIe



Dress Pants

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.05.11 PM


Not every woman is a skirt or dress fan and we are 100% on bored with that. But, if you have trouble turning dress pants away from a business look and into a wedding one, than you are part of a majority group. First, start with a cute shoe. A common mistake in the pants department is thinking that just because your pants cover half the shoe, they don’t need to be cute. Ahem.. Ladies.. DO NOT do this to yourself. You know what shoes are hiding under your pants and that should be enough motivation to get a pair that you love. Try these Aurora by Paul Green. They’re neutral, so they go with all dress pants, and the open toe lets your bottom half breathe. The kitten heal is just high enough to save you from extra hem expenses. (Who else feels that there needs to be a length between regular and long? Perhaps “I’m mostly regular but my Dad was 6’4’’ but my mom is 5’1’’ so I’m kind of an awkward height.”) Try some slacks with a hint of color, we chose Rose, and accent with a lighter variation like Mauve or Blush with accessories to match.Dress Pants


Vintage Wedding

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.06.52 PMNot every Wedding Guest will experience this in their lifetime, but every now and again, people are invited to theme weddings. A common one; Vintage. Ironically, vintage is currently in style (does that still make it vintage?) so it’s best to be prepared as a wedding guest to impress the Bride with your sense of awareness. We adore this Callista by Miz Mooz. It is perhaps the perfect shoe for a vintage wedding. Black and White, thin strap, thick kitten heal, this shoe is straight up out of the 50’s with a modern awareness— We love it. A full skirt, polka dot blouse, pearl strings and a boxy clutch with a chain strap will make people wonder if you walked out of a Sax 5th Avenue Time Machine, and you’ll love how fun it really is.



Little Black Dress

Ah yes, every WomaScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.09.45 PMn has one, and we love them more than we love having a reason to wear them, the little black dress. It’s a great wedding piece because chances are you probably already have one you love hanging in your closet. Perfect right? Now just add a bold sky high heel and dance the night away. NO. We are going to stop you there before you roll an ankle or blind someone. A common misconception is the belief that a little black dress calls for a bold shoe as a balance. Ladies, this is SO last season. Maybe if your 22 and heading out for a night at the club you’ll fit right in, but if you want to look like a sophisticated and confident woman, then go with a neutral shoe. These Delsie Grace Heels by Clarks are going to complete your little black dress by adding a drop of Audrey Hepburn plus comfort to the max. The only bright part of your outfit should be a clutch, on the upper half of you are not attached in anyway. Add a neutral ring for fun and wear your favorite LBD like its never been worn before.

Little Black Dress


Play it Safe

If yoScreen Shot 2015-07-08 at 2.10.47 PMu truly are at a loss with absolutely no idea what to wear, have no fear. We wake up everyday with the same questions, not just for Weddings. Anyways, here’s a tip. For a Summer Wedding, choose a bright High-Low Chiffon Sun Dress. A bright sun dress is nice and casual, but chiffon dresses it up a bit, and the high low style adds on a little extra elegance, putting you right in the middle of the spectrum. A fun strappy sandal is next, we chose Maggie 02 by Gerry Weber. Strappy is casual, but the black heel ads some dress, and the metallic animal print is a nice accent to the dress color. Pair with a thin black belt rather than jewelry, and a small metallic clutch to match the undertones in the shoe and you will be 100% in the know and good to go for all other outfit encounters.

Play it Safe



We hope this helps you at least a little on the journey to being an awesome wedding guest. That is comfortable and ready to have a fantastic time.

Oh, and to the guys reading this… Wear a suit and tie. There, you’re covered. (Literally).

(All in-text photos courtesy of Google Images.)***

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