Comfort & Foot Health

Busy Lives Demand our Attention

We all lead busy lives with a lot of demanding activities throughout the day. Gnawing pain or discomfort in your feet or legs from exercise, shoes that don’t fit properly or the daily pressure of your body weight need attention before symptoms get worse. We feel your pain and want to provide a solution.


  1. Right Fit: Let us measure your length and width to ensure the right fit. 
  1. Right Footwear: A multi-functional style will allow for support and cushion every hour of your day. Think about the activities you have planned today. Are you inside or outside? Are you mostly standing or moving?
  1. Right Insoles: Our daily routines can include different types of impact to our heels, arches and toes. The right insoles can provide the cushion and support to key areas of our feet to alleviate pain.

Experience the difference a proper fit can make. Since 1889, Schuler Shoes has believed that the strong foundation of your wellbeing is healthy feet. We are committed to providing consistently extraordinary service and building relationships with our customers. We believe life is better together.


April is National Foot Health Awareness Month. What topics interest you?

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