What is Your Summer Style?


I can’t believe it is already July 19th.  Where has the time gone?  I keep hearing people say that summer is already half over.  I feel like it is a “glass is half empty” type of deal.  Is it half over or do we still have half of a summer left.  I say we still have half of a summer left.  Who’s with me?


Fortunately and unfortunately, baseball season ended last weekend.  On one hand, we are all a little sad about it.  We made wonderful friends with the parents and players and we will miss them all so much.  I think we are also a little lost with no games to go to and a little more time on our hands.  On the other hand, the dog days of summer have just begun for us.  This is the time of summer when my kids can truly be kids.  They can stay up a little later and sleep in a little longer. They can play with the neighbors more and worry about winning or losing a little less.


This is also a time of summer when my wardrobe opens up a little bit.  I go from wearing shorts, tank tops and visors all of the time to only most of the time.  And, now that our evenings are free, we can actually dress up a little and go to places other than the ballpark.  I find it challenging though going from super casual ballpark clothes to fun, cute and casual “normal clothes”.  I always feel like I need a little help with key pieces or ideas that can pull an outfit together.


I have a really nice friend (Dawn Fryxell of Lucky Girl Jewels and Styling) who not only has a wonderful eye for fashion, but is also a Mom, so she gets it.  She offers practical and fun advice on fashion that really fits my comfort level and style.  She is a great resource for trends of the season.  As usual, I asked for a little help.  She offered up some great suggestions and even put a few wardrobe ideas together for me based around some fabulous shoes that we carry at Schuler Shoes. Here’s what Dawn suggests:

“This summer is all about color!  Get away from blacks and neutrals and show some personality with bold colors.  Wear simple cool knits and layer with scarfs or chunky jewelry.”

Check out the great outfits below that Dawn pulled together for us on  How do you spend your summers?  Is it at the ballpark, hockey rink, church gatherings, with the grandchildren, in the garden, family outings, working or simply tackling your ongoing reading list?  Let us know what your style is when you are doing the things you love.
Summer Casual







Look Summer Cool in Bright Melon

Shoes – Dankso Sigrid at Schuler Shoes

Apparel and Bag –













Bold Hues for Summertime Lunch with Friends or a Family Outing

Shoes – Born Tinari at Schuler Shoes

Apparel, Bag and Jewelry –










Working out Never Looked So Good


Working Out Never Looked So Good!

Shoes – New Balance 870 Running v2 at Schuler Shoes

Top and Bag – lululemon.comWorkout Pants –











Classic Men's Look




Classic Men’s Style

Shoes – Men’s Keen Newport at Schuler Shoes

Apparel – josbank.comSunglasses –








Dawn Fryxell is a personal stylist, who enjoys helping women feel beautiful in their own skin.  For more information on Dawn Fryxell visit her at her Lucky Girl Jewels and Styling Facebook page. or contact her at [email protected]. To find shoes and boots for this season’s look or for classic fall styles, come on into a Schuler Shoes location and visit with one of our Shoe Fit Experts.  We would love to see you!


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