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One of my 7 year old daughter’s favorite things to do is to ask me about the teachers that I had in school when I was little.  She asks me to say each grade and say the name of the teacher for that grade.  My daughter loves all of the teachers that she has ever had.  Each one holds rock star status at our house. If we see them outside of school, she is star struck.  I think she likes to imagine that about my childhood as well.

I feel very lucky, as I hold a special place in my heart for so many of the teachers that I had growing up (from preschool to college).  My favorite teacher of all time was Mrs. Lavia.  She was my 5th grade teacher and she was awesome!  I was so lucky to have her as my teacher that year, as I had just transferred schools.  Not only was I the new kid, but also right smack in the middle of that awkward phase (braces, bad hair, everything else that seems bad at the time).  As a mother now looking back, I understand that she took me under her wing and watched out for me.  She had such a kind heart.  She also called me the night before I went to high school to wish me luck and was front and center at my wedding.


This month Schuler Shoes celebrates the teachers in our lives.  The teachers that stand before our babies, teenagers, young adults and grown ups and share their knowledge, passion for learning and patience.


We want to thank you, teachers!  We thank you for holding our babies’ hands and opening up your hearts when they miss us those first few days (or months) of school.  We thank you for your patience when we are not quite ready to let go.  We thank you for respecting our teenagers and recognizing their need to be creative, obnoxious or quiet (you never know from day to day…as you know, they are a mystery).  We thank you for standing on your feet all day in front of a classroom. We thank you for your example, as they are watching everything you do.   We thank you for your kind hearts.  We thank you for your patience.


We thank you for teaching our leaders of tomorrow.  You will be who they tell their children about some day.


In honor of our teachers everywhere, we are hosting our “Chalkstar of the Month” event on Facebook.  Enter the name of your favorite teacher for their chance to win a $100 Schuler Shoes gift card and a chance for you to win a $25 Schuler Shoes gift card just for entering their name.  Have a favorite teacher that has touched your life?  Enter here

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