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Spring Clean for a Cause


In 2016, Shoe Away Hunger collected over 100,000 pairs of shoes. Shoe sales provided a week of essential groceries to over 6,000 people in need.


Welcome to spring cleaning season!  If you’re planning on tidying up your closets and shoe racks, we have some wonderful news:  local non-profit Shoe Away Hunger can use your gently used adult and kids shoes to clothe and feed those in need in our communities. In fact, one pair of shoes can provide up to a week’s worth of essential groceries. Organizing your space AND doing good for the world? Doesn’t get any better than that!

Areas of Need

Shoe Away Hunger is asking for donations of all types of gently used shoes. Keep in mind that they will be resold, so please do not donate shoes that are heavily worn, damaged, or moldy. Specific areas of need include:

  • Athletic shoes (adult and kids)
  • Men’s shoes (including steel toe boots)
  • Kid’s shoes (specifically sizes 1-4)
  • Infant shoes
  • Low heels
  • Sandals


How it Works


  1. Simply collect your new or gently used footwear including sneakers, sports shoes, casual shoes, boots, flip flops, ice skates, etc.
  2. Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbors to do the same.
  3. Tie or band your donation together and place them in a plastic bag to keep them dry.
  4.  Drop off your donation at any Schuler Shoe Store location:
  5. If you are planning to drop off 50 pairs or more, please call ahead of time to arrange drop off or a pick up: 612.440.SHOE (7463).


Just How Far Your Shoe Donations Go


Shoe Away Hunger staff and volunteers on the bus, a mobile shoe until that’s able to directly reach areas of need.


Shoe Away Hunger collects and sells gently used shoes for a suggested donation of $5.00. That donation money is used to fund a metro-wide food distribution program that serves an average of 3,000 people a month. On top of providing hunger relief, the program is impacting lives in practical ways. Numerous program recipients have worked with the non-profit to learn life skills, while others are helping sell shoes to make an income. Shoe donations that can’t be sold are sent to developing nations where they are used to launch micro-businesses. Shoe Away Hunger’s eco-friendly philosophy ensures none of their shoes will ever end up in a landfill, creating a positive impact on the environment.


To learn more about the Shoe Away Hunger program and how they’re serving our communities, visit their website. Thank you for helping us ‘de-feet’ hunger on a ‘shoe string’ budget!

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