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Alternative Training Methods for the Injured & Non-Injured: Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Schuler Shoes makes it a priority to partner with the medical community in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  By partnering with the medical community, we are constantly introduced to interesting and innovative wellness options for everyday people like you and me.  For over a year now, Schuler Shoes has partnered with Dr. Renata at Spine and Sports Institute in Maple Grove.

Dr. Renata understands that proper footwear is the foundation to a healthy body and active lifestyle.  Dr. Renata has worked with our staff not only to learn about the products we offer, but to also share some of her clinics’ treatments and wellness options.  If you are a dedicated walker or runner, you will want to hear about Dr. Renata and Spine and Sports Institute’s alternative training methods.  I know I will share this with my friends.  Enjoy!


From Dr. Renata ~


Let’s be honest.  As Minnesotans, we were spoiled the past few months with this strangely mild weather.  That be said, many avid walkers and runners are well into their spring training.  If this applies to you, I hope your training has been going well and you have been free of aches or pains.  For those individuals who have not been as fortunate, there is an alternative walking/running treadmill in the Twin Cities.


The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill originally was developed for NASA astronauts.  It has now been tailored to assist every day athletes to train with minimal weight-bearing pressure on their joints.  According to the Alter G website, the machine uses Differential Air Pressure (DAP) to rehab lower extremity injuries, neurological conditions, weight reduction, aerobic conditioning, and general training for combating age-related injuries.  Clinical studies have found that unloading by 20-80% can encourage protection/healing of tissues, promote joint/muscle range of motion, prevent muscle atrophy, and encourage return of lost motor control.


If any of the issues listed above apply to you, this could be a great training alternative to give those joints a break.  Not injured?  Perhaps you would like to switch up your training regimen or see what it feels like to run on the moon.


More information on the clinical case studies supporting Alter G use can be found on their website:

To find access to a public Alter G Anti-Gravity treadmill in the Twin Cities go to:


Dr. Renata Evertz, DC, is a licensed chiropractor and is committed to providing specialized, individualized, and innovative treatment methodologies to her patients. Her focus is to provide relief of initial injuries as well as to focus on preventative measures to maintain the patient’s relieved state. The goal of treatment is to provide long-lasting outcomes and to resolve the patient’s symptoms. Dr. Evertz understands the importance of patient education to empower patients to take charge of their health.  Dr. Evertz is a Chiropractor at Spine and Sports Institute in Maple Grove.


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