One Shoe: Three Outfits

In a fantasy world a woman would ideally have one separate shoe for every outfit that she owned. Unfortunately, most of us (some more than others) live in a place called reality where shoes are expected to be a little bit more versatile. So if you ever find yourself struggling to come up with different outfits to match your feet's attire, we came up with a little inspiration to get the ball rolling:


1. Our first pick is a Strappy Sandal by Clarks with a touch of Coral Featuring a Bohemian Theme, a Beach Inspired Look, and a Classy Chic Piece. 
Viveca Zeal by Clarks




2. Second, a Multi-Purpose Summer Flat by Gerry Weber. Dress them up or dress them down, they'll looks good 100% of the time you wear them. Try these three looks; Business Bold, Savvy Sweetheart, or Denim Darling.

Marren 11 Gerry Weber1b2b



3. Our Last pick is a unique Slip on by Ecco. They're Casual, they're Cute, and of course they're Comfortable. Try one of three; California Cool, Minnesota Modern, or South Carolina Sense. 

Damara Slip On1a2a3a


We hope this helps you in all your future fashion endeavors! Which look is your favorite? 

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