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Why Cork?

Many of the brands we offer, including Haflinger, Birkenstock, Mephisto, Naot and Taos, utilize cork footbeds. Cork footbeds have many benefits for your overall foot health and, not to forget, are very fashion forward. So, why cork?

It’s Comfortable

The science of cork, featured in this blog, creates a comfortable footbed. The shock-absorbing science and flexible core support your feet, relieving pressure. It also forms a good foot climate by insulating against hot and cold. The comfortability of cork allows you to be on your feet longer. 

It’s Beneficial

The benefit to wearing shoes with cork footbeds is simple. They keep your feet healthy. Shoes with support are important in footwear because, when you are on your feet, they are the base for the rest of your body. Cork footbeds establish a firm foundation for your feet. It also regulates moisture, making sure the foot climate is pleasant. 

It’s Sustainable 

Cork comes from the bark of cork oak trees and is harvested in a manner that allows the trees to reproduce bark throughout their lifetimes. Trees are not cut down or harmed when harvesting cork for footwear, making it a very environmentally-friendly product. 

All information compiled from Birkenstock and Taos.


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