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Waterproof Footwear Guide

Real leather is naturally water resistant, so you can wear shoes like the Merrell Moab Adventure Moc in light, rainy weather. However, these shoes are not waterproof; your feet will get wet in heavy rains.

Some leather is treated in the tanning process so that water will not penetrate it.

It will keep your feet dry in mild wet conditions, but water could still seep through the seams — so beware of puddles!


Using technology that seals water out and lets air flow in, these shoes will keep feet dry and comfortable even in heavy rain or when splashing in puddles.

Protect your Leather!

Water can cause significant damage to leather if left untreated — such as cracking, staining, stretching, and discoloration.

You can prevent this damage by drying your shoes out completely after they get wet, removing salt stains if they appear, and using a protective water-repelling spray.

Read more about keeping your leather clean HERE.

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