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Upping Your Shoe Game with Justin Gaard


To help kick off our Men’s Event, we sat down with Justin Gaard of KFAN to talk about shoes, comfort revelations, and shopping at Schuler Shoes for the first time. If you or a guy in your life is due for a footwear update, grab your coupon and step in now through February 27.


Justin Gaard of KFAN experiencing sit-and-fit for the first time at our St. Louis Park store.


What was it like shopping at Schuler Shoes for the first time?

It was definitely eye-opening and I learned a lot just by listening and seeing all the different styles. I historically haven’t put a lot of thought into what I’m wearing, what’s been comfortable, and what I think looks good. So, it was cool to learn the different styles, the different brands, and the history behind the brands and what goes with what—that I can actually wear brown shoes with a black suit. Also sit-and-fit was a new experience.


Gaard with Jim Pribula, Manager of our St. Louis Park store.

What was it like working with a Fit Specialist?

It was great to work with Jim who is a professional and knows what he’s doing. Sometimes you go into stores and they  give you the cursory, ‘can I help you with anything?’, but they don’t really know. I can definitely tell that Jim has some care behind what he does, which was the coolest part. He was interested in finding what was right for my feet and I’ve never had that before.


What drove your shoe choices?

My shoe choices were guided by where and how I would wear the shoes. I was surprised that the function of these shoes were comfortable, too. I usually don’t think of it that way. Like, I have a pair of brown dress shoes I’ve worn once in 15 years because they are so uncomfortable. That function can also be comfortable was the big surprise and the difference.


“That function can also be comfortable was the big surprise and the difference.”


How has Schuler Shoes helped you up your style game?  

I never really thought about my shoes before; I kind of just picked up the first pair that stood out. It was great to take time and learn about different styles and fits. Schuler also helped me understand being comfortable throughout the day starts with what you are putting on your feet.


Left: Gaard sporting his Clarks boots on Sunday Night Overtime with Coach Claeys. Right: Gaard’s feet are TV-ready with the Naot Chief.


Would you recommend Schuler Shoes to your friends? 

Absolutely! Not only does Schuler Shoes have the latest and best styles and brands, they have the experience and knowledge to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The best part of the Schuler experience for me was the ‘sit and fit’ with Jim at the St. Louis Park location. He took my experience personally and helped me find a bunch of great options.


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