Six More Sleeps Until Christmas

When my children were really little and we were going on vacation or waiting to visit my parents or counting down the days until Christmas, we would say that there are so many “sleeps” left until the big event. My Mom and I still say it to each other when we are planning on getting everyone together.  As of today, we have six more sleeps until Christmas and my 8 year old is about to explode with excitement.
Honestly, there seems to be a lot less time from Thanksgiving to Christmas this year.  The calendar shows it (only 28 sleeps this year) and my lack of organization really shows it.  I am pretty laid back, but this year a little bit of panic has set in wondering if I can get everything done.  I feel like there was no sigh of relief after a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We just took off the Thanksgiving tablecloth and replaced it with the Christmas one.
On the bright side, in the end who cares if we aren’t prepared, right?  What is there to prepare really?  A warm heart?  Arms ready to hug loved ones?  Preparing to be surrounded by some of our favorite people in the whole world?  This is easy for me to say, I am not hosting this year. 🙂 But, if you look at it that way, I am all set.  If we are talking about the excitement of the season and celebrating with my family and friends, I am more than ready.  If we are talking about gifts…well, that is another story.  I am almost ready.  Thank goodness I work where I do. I have found some pretty fantastic prizes for people on my list.  If you are interested in a few gift ideas, I’ve got them right here…
Socks.  We have AWESOME socks!  Socks make a great stocking stuffer. We have socks from all kinds of brands such as Keen, New Balance, Goodhew, Sockwell, Feetures and more.  We have dress socks, athletic socks, fun socks, and athletically fun socks.   We have a wonderful selection of Smartwool socks.  EVERYBODY loves Smartwool.  Just mention Smartwool and you hear “ooooo…ahhhh”.  They love ’em.  We even carry Smartwool hats and gloves.
Slippers.  Oh, yes slippers.  WONDERFUL slippers from Minnetonka, UGG Australia, Gesswein, Haflinger and more.  Our Haflinger slippers are a huge hit with a large percentage of all human beings.  They have a cork footbed that molds to the shape of your foot.  Do you or someone you know have Plantar Fasciitis?  (Read the next three words in a sing songy voice).  GREAT GIFT IDEA.  If you come into our store and tell us that you have Plantar Fasciitis, we will recommend this indoor/outdoor shoe/slipper.  It is fabulous to wear around the house if you have tile, hardwood or stone.  Of course, UGG Australia is always a hit.  Minnetonka moccasins are all the rage at my house right now.
Bags.  Handbags.  Purses.  Where do I start?  Ellington, UGG Australia, Keen, Ameribag, Anushka, Overland Equipment…all available on our website and in our stores.  We also carry the very SUPER cute Vera Bradley, but in store only and only at our Wayzata, Bloomington and Roseville locations.  As a matter of fact, if you spend $100 or more on Vera Bradley between now and December 24th, you will receive a free Vera Bradley Zip ID case (while supplies last).
And, of course boots and shoes.  I love looking around our stores and picking out the perfect pair of shoes or boots for someone special. I can always pick out a shoe or boot for anyone in my family.  Due to a lack in the organizational skills department (no need to go into this now…that’s more of a new year’s resolution theme), I have to get better at writing down shoe sizes. It is a dead giveaway when I call up a family member around Christmas and ask what size shoe they wear or they catch me examining the shoes that they take off at my house. 🙂
And, if you spend time over the holiday break cleaning out your closets, bring in old (or new) shoes to any of our store locations and donate to Soles4Souls.  We have donation bins at all of our store locations.  Your donations will make a big difference to those in need.
So, as I was saying, we have just six more sleeps until Christmas.  We hope that you enjoy this time of family and friends and the joy of the season.
From your friends at Schuler Shoes, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday that brings true joy to your hearts.  We hope you are surrounded by the people that you love, comforted by wonderful memories of the past and the gift of creating new ones.


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