Shoes News – Favorites for Fall

A few years ago, my husband and I were in Florida visiting my parents.  While we were there, we all took our kids on a pirate cruise.  For a kids’ cruise, it was a pretty amazing excursion out into the ocean.  During the cruise, one of the pirates told us a story about how he became a pirate.  He told us that he used to live where it got cold in the winter and one day he decided he didn’t like winters anymore.  So, he moved to Florida, threw away all of his socks and became a pirate.  The kids loved his story (me being one of them).

The other day, I was thinking about summer and fall and the excitment of the changing seasons.  I also started thinking about the pirate and his story.  I mean, I LOVE summer.  LOVE SUMMER!  The pirate definately has a good point.   But, there is just something about watching the leaves change colors, fun sweaters, jeans and of course, new shoes for the season that makes it pretty impossible not to get at least a little excited.


So, as we head into fall and move from shorts and sandals to sweaters and shoes or skirts and boots, it is fun to see what the brands are doing for the season.  I love working at Schuler Shoes and just walking through the store to see what the fall lines look like…colors and styles (new, modified and consistent favorites).


What is YOUR favorite season?  Do you have a favorite shoe, sandal or boot that you look forward to slipping back into each new season?  Maybe you are with the pirate and just threw away your socks and moved to warmer climates. 🙂

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