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Realistic Goals are the Key to Success in 2012

Happy New Year!  What a wonderful time to start fresh and set goals for a better year and a better you.  For the most part, I think we are always working towards a “better you”, but the New Year always seems to kick up the urge to strive toward an even better, “better you”. 

So, resolutions have been set.  Some have probably already been broken, but hey, that’s life.  Get back up on the horse and get going again.  I used to set myself up for failure by making lifestyle changes that were pretty much a shock to my system and I would just give up.  I have learned that gradual change and realistic goals help me to be more successful.

So, when Kyle Ochsner, a Strength Coach Catalyst from Larsen Sports Medicine and Catalyst sent over tips for starting and sticking to a successful exercise routine for the New Year, his advice really hit home. I hope it helps you if you are starting or continuing on with your own exercise program


1. Set goals.  S.M.A.R.T. goals…Specific/Measurable/Achievable/Relevant/Timely 

2. Work large muscle groups first, like squats, lunges, push ups, etc. You will burn more calories with larger muscle groups.

3. Slowly turn up the intensity. Otherwise, you’ll get sore, get frustrated and give up.

4. Always work the core, meaning abs AND back. If you work one side, work the other.

5. Stay motivated…read quotes, listen to music, workout with a friend, read inspiring stories, take before and after photos, etc.

6. “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up” – Jim Valvano

Larsen Sports Medicine & Catalyst was established in March of 2006 by Richard Larsen, MPT. LSMPT has become a leader in providing physical therapy, athletic training, industrial medicine, and sports performance training services in Western WI and the East Metro. We are located in Hudson and Roberts, WI.  and, phone number:  715-386-1155.

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