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What moves you?  Are you a runner?  Walker?  Yoga fanatic?  Personally, I love it all.  The hardest part is trying to squeeze it all in.  Work…family…the laundry.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what we want to get done.

Make Excellent Happen.  This is the New Balance mantra. I personally feel sometimes that it is hard to make excellent happen when you have an early morning meeting and the kids have to be at practice as soon as you get home from work.   Finding a moment for “me time” to make this excellent happen can be downright frustrating.


So, is there a way to make excellent happen several times throughout the day and not just for an hour at the gym or 45 minutes of intense running outside?  I know there is.


Over the past few years, I have learned that beating my body up doesn’t equal making excellent happen.  I have learned to moderate my workouts and have experienced less injury and better results.  Don’t get me wrong, I strive to be the best runner that I can be, but life doesn’t always allow me to get out and run when I want.  Here are a few things that I have learned about myself and things that I do to stay active when I just can’t squeeze in an hour at the gym….

~ Move your body.  If you can’t work out, get out.  Take a break and go for a walk.   Do it as much as possible.  You and your body deserve it.

~Don’t always look for the closest parking spot.  Unless there is a tornado or a convict lose in the area, park farther away and enjoy the walk.

~Be smart about your workouts.  No pain, no gain isn’t always the best advice. 

~Take the stairs.

~Stand up and stretch.

~Wear proper shoes.  Your feet are the foundation of your entire body.  Take good care of them.

~If you miss a day or a few days of exercise, don’t give up.  Just exercise at your next possible opportunity and don’t beat yourself up.

~Work out at your level and do what you enjoy.  If you do what you enjoy, your chances of sticking to the program are greater.

~Exercise with a friend.

~If your exercise friend can’t make a workout, don’t use them as an excuse to not workout.  🙂

~Forget the “all or nothing” attitude. Any amount of exercise is better than nothing.

~Exercise makes me feel better.

So, how do you make excellent happen?  I would love to hear how you squeeze healthy living into your day. The best part of learning new things is hearing about other people’s experiences and what works for them. Together we can help each other Make Excellent Happen.

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