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With an increase in childhood obesity, we know as adult role models (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles) how important it is too keep our kids eating healthy and on the move.  It is really fun not only hearing about adults making a difference in the lives of children, but also finding out how they are doing it.

I recently heard that my friend and fellow runner Jami Stromberg started an after school running club for 5th graders at Earle Brown Elementary, where her children attend school.  I asked Jami how she had time to get a group like this organized.  She said that she called up the Principal and asked him if she could start a running group and he said yes.  Well, that was easy enough.  She said in the beginning she was going to limit the group to only 8 students.  Due to its popularity, she now has 24 kids in the program and 3 teachers and 1 parent who volunteer to help coach.  The group meets once a week.  They do a warm up, stretch, go for a run (about 20 minutes) and then discuss a topic of the week (nutrition, running, training, etc). They finish with a fun game that keeps them moving like tag or capture the flag.

I stopped by about a week and a half ago to talk to the kids and hand out New Balance water bottles.  They are a very, very energetic group that REALLY liked their new water bottles.  I introduced myself and told them that I was from Schuler Shoes/New Balance Twin Cities.  I told them that we sell kids’ athletic shoes and had heard about their running group.  I let them know that everyone at Schuler Shoes was going to hear about them and that we were all rooting for them.  One of the kids yelled “WE’RE FAMOUS” and with that they all started running around the playground yelling and screaming with excitement.  Truly a great group of kids…who love to run!

Congratulations to Jami Stromberg for taking the initiative to start this group and a great big “WAY TO GO” to her almost very famous kids’ running group for staying active and fit!

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